Bell Bespoke Interiors Limited bring new dimensions to the manufacture, veneer and finishing
of specialist VIP and VVIP aircra
ft interiors.


With a total appreciation of all the techniques, processes and collaboration required to deliver the highest quality results on time and to complete customer satisfaction, the company make it their business to ensure that the world's leading figures travel in the ultimate exclusive style.


More than solely suppliers, Bell Bespoke Interiors Limited bring a new ethos, understanding and partnership approach to the production process - from concept to final delivery.


The company's specialists have a highly creative eye for the classic and sumptuous look, and a highly detailed, pragmatic mind for the extensive range of technical, safety and cost criteria that have to be honoured to achieve it.


They are equipped with new technology and state-of-the-materials at their purpose-designed manufacturing facility in the East Midlands. Bell Bespoke Interiors Limited's fresh, innovative approach is valued by an ever-growing number of significant clients - including British Aerospace, Raytheon and Marshall Aerospace - on aircraft ranging in size from the Hawker 125 to the Boeing 747SP.

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What We Do