In the pressurised, high prestige environment of the VIP and VVIP aircraft interiors industry, nothing less than the ultimate levels of quality, creativity and expertise are acceptable. These are assured by the gifted, highly-skilled team at Bell Bespoke Interiors Limited.


The exclusive, multi-billion pound aircraft interiors market expects the closest attention to detail, confidentiality and status.


This is honoured by the integrity of the team at Bell Bespoke Interiors Limited. Only the most complete understanding of the demands and importance of the illustrious VIP and VVIP aircraft interiors industry will satisfy its needs.


This is intrinsic to the team at Bell Bespoke Interiors Limited, who truly provide the crowning finishing touch.


Match the expert and inventive skills of the finest craftsmanship with the knowledge and values of a precision engineer a technologist, a draughtsperson, a quality inspector, an archivist and a dedicated carer - and you begin to get a fitting profile of Bell Bespoke Interiors Limited.


All the qualities of these exacting disciplines - creativity, technical and industry know-how, first class customer liaison, trust and working to a budget, regulations and deadlines - are combined with the highest standards of workmanship.


It is a blend which sets apart Bell Bespoke Interiors Limited from the rest and which is achieving increasingly successful results, placing the company at the forefront of specialist suppliers to the global VIP aircraft industry.

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